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Sunday Addenda

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Presenting Author Changes

S1-02-03 NACHR7 Agonist For Alzheimer's Disease
Timothy Peiser, FORUM Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Boston, Mass., United States (formerly Gerhard Koenig)

P1-013 In Vitro Quantification Of Tau Pathology In Alzheimer's Disease: An [18F]T807 Autoradiographic Study
Antoine Leuzy (original presenting author), Eduardo Rigon Zimmer, Arturo Aliaga, Lucas Porcello Schilling, Marie-Christine Guiot, Esher Susanne Schirrmacher, Jean-Paul Soucy, Serge Gauthier, Pedro Rosa-Neto

P1-196 Frontotemporal Dementia and Psychiatric Illness: Emerging Clinical and Biological Links in Gene Carriers
Nikolas Block (original presenting author), Sharon Sha, Anna Karydas, Jamie Fong, Bruce Miller, Howard Rosen, Pia Ghosh

P2-294 Age At Menopause And Risk Of Dementia In Oldest Old Women: The Monzino 80-Plus Study
Angela Recchia (original presenting author), Mauro Tettamanti, Sonia Ammesso, Mariateresa Garrì , Sara Mandelli, Emma Riva, Ugo Lucca

P1-333 Noun Or Pronoun? Using Parts Of Speech In Alzheimer's Disease
Britta Wendelstein (original presenting author), Ekkehard Felder, Jörn Stegmeier, Johannes Schröder

P1-344 A Comparison of Composite Indices for Predicting Cognitive Decline
Holly LeClair (original presenting author), Ellen Woo, David Elashoff, Yan Zhou, John Ringman, Liana Apostolova




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